Christian Poessnicker – Media Composer
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Christian Pössnicker composer for tv and games


Christian Pössnicker is a German composer, artist, producer and mixing engineer. His productions have been played internationally by the biggest TV and Radio Stations in the World.
Having worked for Benztown Branding he has produced music ranging from TV ads to Radio Jingles in a wide variety of styles.
Being born into a musical family he was very early surrounded by various musical instruments and quickly began experimenting with them. Starting with Keyboard and Piano lessons in the age of three he later started learning classical flute and saxophone.
This included being involved with playing in several orchestras, bands, events and musicals as an instrumentalist and conductor.
Having access to a wide variety of analog and digital synthesizers, creating sounds and finding ways to perform and play them became part of his musical identity and formed his signature sound.
As he found out that his interest in sound and music didn`t stop after school, he began studying Film and Media Music and Music Production at several Schools and Conservatories such as the “School of Entertainment and Technology” (Media Composition) and the “Hochschule für Gesundheit Technik Sport und Kunst” in Berlin (Bachelor in Music Production)

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