Christian Poessnicker – Media Composer Christian Poessnicker – Media Composer Christian Pössnicker

Christian Pössnicker

composer and sound designer



Christian Pössnicker that’s me, composer and sound designer.

I have been creating sound design and bespoke commercial music for a decade now and my sounds and music are regularly used on tv ads, games and tv shows around the globe.
Recent brand projects include BMW, Ferrero, Microsoft and Radio Stations like SWR, Deutschlandfunk

I am also working on tv productions as mixing engineer/ “Ton Meister” and sound designer for shows like DCKS and Maithink X where I joined forces with the amazing team at btf (Bild und Tonfabrik)

My style could be described as hybrid as I am heavily into synths and technology but I also got the “classical” treatment. Always looking for new and perfectly fitting sounds and music to create unique
and deeply hitting emotions for every project.


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