duplo White tv commercial

duplo White tv commercial

Written by Christian Poessnicker on September 2021

Some months ago I was approached by ferrero to score a recut of a duplo white tv advertisement.

Early in the creative process we found a vocal sample that gave us the right feeling and set the mood perfectly for the visuals.

The accompaniment was composed with lightness and friendliness in mind with a strong beat to accompany the movement through the city.

As the visual concept was developed while the music was being composed, they both inspired each other.

In the final version we decided to add some little breaks to add some fresh touches.

Finally it was decided to mix the music, soundeffects and the voiceover in one session according to the ebu r128 norm.

This way I could take advantage of the extended dynamic range and create the best audio-master possible without needing to artificially constrain the dynamics and frequencies to make it work with the tv loudness norm.

This also preserved the lightness of the original composition.

duplo white text on brickwall

You can download the song and watch the final spot on the official duplo white website:

duplo White | duplo


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