Hanuta Riegel 2022 TV Commercial

Hanuta Riegel 2022 TV Commercial

Written by Christian Poessnicker on May 2022

As the eSports commercial for Hanuta Riegel last year was a huge success I was asked to write the music for the new Hanuta Riegel 2022 TV campaign.

The main element was the already known signature drumming which fits the “everyday superhero” style. To add to the action, we included some guitars and synths.
To finalize and make it fit to the picture some custom sound effects like the breaking of the bar and the “falling shout” were recorded and edited in the studio.
This created a unique audio fingerprint that can be used throughout the campaign.

The mix, including the voiceover, music and sound effects, was delivered as web mix and according to the EBU r128 TV standard.

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