Kingdom Builders Game Soundtrack

Kingdom Builders Game Soundtrack

Written by Christian Poessnicker on September 2021

Early this year I started my journey as a game composer.
The first game I got the chance to score was Kingdom Builders by Ebb and Flow Games, a small indie studio based in Berlin.
In the game you play as a king who needs to build up his kingdom. It is played as a strategy game with mixed in rpg elements.
The big feature that sets it apart from other games is, that you control only one person directly. With that person you collect your resources and build your first houses. As you progress your game you can choose companions to help you on your journeys or you can assign your village people to produce items and food.

As the development of the game progressed new areas such as caves and deserts with new resources have been added.

I was introduced to the project in January 2021. At this stage there was only the basic concept, some artworks and early gameplay examples.
We decided to have some background pieces and fight tracks to immerse the players as best as possible into the gameworld.

In order to find the right tone for the game I started composing little suites which incorporated thematic materials and soundworlds. Those suites helped immensely to communicate the different ideas for the music.

After we decided on the music/ sound direction I composed the final pieces and delivered the stems needed to incorporate the music in the game.


For trailers and to play the game check it out on steam:
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Developer Website:
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I contributed the compositions, produced and mixed the final pieces and performed and recorded the instruments (classical flute, penny whistles, bodhran percussion)

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