Lunar Soil Game Soundtrack

Lunar Soil Game Soundtrack

Written by Christian Poessnicker on November 2022

A couple of months ago I composed and produced the soundtrack for the space exploration game “lunar soil” by morgondag software.
You play as an astronaut in a futuristic setting while being tasked to solve mysteries and puzzles. While exploring you discover
new places and sites that reveal more details of the world that surrounds you.
To find the right sound/ tone for the game I started experimenting with different synth sounds and modulations. After countless experiments
we decided which ones work best in the game environment and I continued by putting the sounds together into pieces for the different locations and actions.
Counterintuitively, after we all liked what we heard I granularized everything again into different mixouts and stems
to make it work within the game engine and to create the most flexibility. This ensures, that every player has not only a unique visual experience
but is also immersed by the sound and music.



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